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Cyber threats

Cybersecurity Audits
CTG is qualified to evaluate the IT policies and procedures of your organization in regards to the security of your data. We will review the security of data created, accessed, and distributed by your organization.

Legal Hacking
The CTG team includes IT experts with the expertise to perform legal (ethical) hacking upon request of your organization’s authorized individuals. The purpose of this function is to find security vulnerabilities which could be exploited by a malicious hacker.

Our NXTsoft partnership
The greatest financial threat businesses face is from cyber attacks. They are becoming more widespread. CTG has partnered with NXTsoft who is an industry leader in cybersecurity. Our combined expertise can help your company significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber crime.

ThreatAdvice Educate for Employees

ThreatAdvice Educate offers online training and awareness solutions that educate employees to recognize potential cyber breach that could open an organization to a ransomware attack or cyber crime of another nature.

Counter the Threat

Threat Assessment

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