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Risk Assessments

Our team at CTG is qualified to elevate your institution’s confidence in an existing or new security risk program through rigorous testing and monitoring for compliance and through surprise audits.

Current Threat

There are specific domestic and international threats unique to each community that can be determined through multiple resources and collaborations.

Security Consulting

We will assist your institution in the appropriate selection of security equipment compatible with your needs and budget requirements, through vendors we have previously screened.

International Travel

International trips require pre-planning for safety, logistics, and security in light of current world circumstances. Our team is prepared to help with country-specific planning and is available to prepare your group and accompany when requested.

Cyber Threats

CTG is qualified to evaluate the IT policies and procedures of your organization in regards to the security of your data. We will review the security of data created, accessed, and distributed by your organization.

Counter the Threat

Threat Assessment

How prepared is your organization to withstand current or perceived threats? Begin the process and survey your readiness by pressing the Free Assessment button below.

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