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Counter Threat Group Forum

We host several Counter Threat Group forums each month. They are organized below from the most recent to the oldest. Please follow us on LinkedIn for the latest forums updates.
CTG FORUM: Large Venue Security
James DeMeo & Derek Blumstein
August 2021
Sarah Adams & Dave “Boon” Benton
June 2021
CTG FORUM: Preparing for Active Shooter Situations
Mike Jones
May 2021
CTG FORUM: Simultaneously Managing Multiple Threats
KC O’Connor
April 2021
CTG FORUM: Recognizing and Mitigating Insider Threats
Aaron Beam & Gary M Jackson
March 2021

Protecting Soft Targets in a Post COVID World
David Olive
January 2021

Training the Workplace for Violence Post COVID-19
Felix Nater
December 2020

Election Security Concerns II
Gary M Jackson
October 2020

Election Security Concerns
Stacey Porter & James DeMeo
September 2020

Safe Schools for Alex
Max Schachter
August 2020

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