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Current Threat

CTG Forum
The CTG forum is an in-depth review and discussion of current threats across a broad array of sectors. Presenters come from varied backgrounds, bringing their expertise to our Forum community. Forums occur on a monthly basis and are open through invitation by CTG. Most of our past Forums are recorded and can be viewed on the CTG website at https://counterthreatgrp.com/counter-threat-group-forum/

Local Threat Assessments and Intel Briefings
There are specific threats unique to each community that can be determined through multiple resources and collaborations. We will provide this information through an ongoing relationship or through a one-time engagement.

Public Safety Tips
Current threats drive the need to disseminate useful information to larger groups. This can be accomplished through a variety of forums.

Emerging Threats
CTG has full-time resources dedicated to uncovering threats globally and distributing this information through social media, client engagements, and open forums.

Counter the Threat

Threat Assessment

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