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Risk Assessment

All Threat Assessments (ATA)
The basic building block for creating a strong security system, the ATA includes a 360-degree facility analysis and personnel questionnaire. The CTG team is prepared to evaluate a facility on the basis of access, existing surveillance capabilities, reception areas, interior, and exterior physical grounds. CTG will also conduct personnel interviews to determine individual and group concerns.

Behavioral Threat Assessments
By focusing on prevention and intervention strategies, organizations are better prepared to mitigate or prevent possible targeted violence against stakeholders. CTG can recommend a Behavioral Threat Assessment Tool that matches

Social Media Review
The CTG team will review all the avenues of social media utilized by your institution to determine if any of these is unintentionally allowing access to data and networks which may create a security concern or an actual threat.

Domestic Travel
Many employees have to travel for work. CTG provides practical advice for staying safe in unfamiliar cities. Understanding local crime statistics and the safest areas to stay when traveling reduces risk for the employee and the employer.

Security Risk Audit Program and Testing

The CTG team is qualified to elevate your institution’s confidence in an existing or new security risk program through rigorous testing and evaluation of current insurance policies and procedures that could possibly mitigate or reduce claims for certain risks and threats.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED purports that the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of crime and the incidence of crime, and to improvement in the quality of life.
Through a comprehensive CPTED survey, areas of concern can be identified and applicable actions completed to reduce the incidence of crime in a particular area and facility. The CPTED survey is a risk assessment that compliments the All Threat Assessment Above.

Counter the Threat

Threat Assessment

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