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ProtectED is a functional storage device, physical barricade,
ballistic barrier, and psychological deterrent against violence in, schools, universities, daycare facilities, hospitals, offices, commercial outlets, government buildings, and religious and community spaces.

Pete Facchini
Red Ball Drills
Aric Mutchnick

Red Ball Drills

The Red Ball Drills® is a groundbreaking program which extends well beyond standard table-top exercises. It is a comprehensive safety and security review process, utilizing proprietary methodology for true all hazards assessment, analysis, and continued improvement.

ThreatAdvice Educate for Employees

ThreatAdvice Educate offers online training and awareness solutions that educate employees to recognize potential cyber breach that could open an organization to a ransomware attack or cyber crime of another nature.

Partnership with
Checklist Boards checklistboards.com

Counter Threat Group will augment its service offerings with Checklist Boards, providing an option for clients to create organization specific checklists customized to each clients needs for maintaining a safe work environment.

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