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Our Partners

Arcuri Group

Arcuri Group’s training programs provide students with a foundation in, and knowledge of the Craft known as Situational Awareness. These programs are designed to educate the participant in the discipline of situational awareness, thereby creating a security awareness practitioner capable of understanding and dealing with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events while planning day to day activities.

Red Ball Drills
Aric Mutchnick

Red Ball Drills

The Red Ball Drills® is a groundbreaking program which extends well beyond standard table-top exercises. It is a comprehensive safety and security review process, utilizing proprietary methodology for true all hazards assessment, analysis, and continued improvement.

Center for Personal Protection and Safety

At CPPS we exist to help you protect what matters most: your people. Houses of worship should be society’s safest places, but this doesn’t happen by chance. By taking the time to prepare, you can keep your people safe by implementing policies, training teams, and equipping congregants to become stakeholders in their own safety and security.


ProtectED is a functional storage device, physical barricade,
ballistic barrier, and psychological deterrent against violence in, schools, universities, daycare facilities, hospitals, offices, commercial outlets, government buildings, and religious and community spaces.

Pete Facchini