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Security Consulting

Security Equipment Analysis and Feasibility Studies
We will assist your institution in the appropriate selection of security equipment compatible with your needs and budget requirements, through vendors we have previously screened. We do not receive any financial compensation from vendors that we work with other than reciprocal advertising arrangements.

Active Shooter Preparation
We enlist top experts who are constantly evaluated to prepare and train your security team for an active shooter situation.

De-Escalation Training
Disruptive events in the course of an institution’s operations require specialized skill sets to minimize risk to the perpetrator and to innocent citizens. Our team includes members experienced in this area who are qualified to train members of your team to verbally diffuse a situation.

Large Event Planning
Tactical assessments of an event’s surroundings and engagement of highly trained and seasoned specialists should be utilized to minimize the threat of those seeking to disrupt worthwhile activities. CTG’s team is qualified to perform this assessment and assist in engaging necessary trained security specialists for your event.

Executive Protection
Top managers, leaders, and family members are often identified as targets for various reasons by those seeking to harm your organization. We have the expertise to assist you with this concern.

In House Seminars/Symposiums
Hot topics and emerging trends require a rapid response to disseminate information in order to raise awareness. We conduct seminars on a variety of topics to educate members of your organization. CTG also collaborates with other security firms possessing expertise in a wide range of interests to offer symposiums for groups.

Off-Site Events
Events held for the benefit of your organization may sometimes be held away from familiar surroundings. We can be available during pre-planning to address security concerns to minimize disruptions and be available to assist with security.

Procurement of Alternate Facilities
Due to a variety of possible circumstances, your institution may require a relocation to an alternative site for both planned and unplanned disruptions for varying durations. We have the expertise to assist in location of alternate facilities and to thoroughly assess security concerns at the temporary location.

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