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Security Consulting

Security Risk Administration Training and Policy Creation
The CTG team will guide your organization to create your Security Risk Administration team, develop sound policies and procedures in order to establish a solid Risk Administration program for your organization.

Security Equipment Analysis and Feasibility Studies
CTG will assist your institution in the appropriate selection of security equipment compatible with your needs and budget requirements. CTG has developed a network of resources who can provide additional expertise and solution options to best meet the needs of our customers.

Active Shooter Preparation
CTG has internal and external sources that can provide education, training and validation of your program. These resources can be provided on site or through electronic meetings, whichever best accomplishes satisfying your needs.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training and Planning
Because of the increase in domestic violence there is a danger that violence can spill over into the workplace. CTG can proactively assess and mitigate risks related to violence, stalking, suicide and other behaviors in the workplace. Policy creation, review and testing of policies and procedures are elements of a workplace violence assessment.

De-Escalation Training
Disruptive events in the course of an institution’s operations require specialized skill sets to minimize risk to the perpetrator and to innocent citizens. Our team includes individuals experienced in this area who are qualified to train your staff to verbally diffuse situations.

Large Event Planning
Tactical assessments of an event’s surroundings and engagement of highly trained and seasoned specialists should be utilized to minimize the threat of those seeking to disrupt worthwhile activities. CTG’s team is qualified to perform this assessment and assist in engaging necessary trained security specialists for your event.

Multi Hazards Planning Training
Multi Hazard planning can reduce the loss of life and property by minimizing the impact of incidents that may affect the organization. After identifying these risks, long-term strategies for protecting people and property from similar events can be developed. A Multi Hazards Planning Training session will assist in this process and provide the opportunity to apply these plans to your organization.

Mass Casualty Planning
A mass casualty incident (MCI) is an incident in which emergency response services and resources are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties. CTG can assist your organization with developing plans for dealing with such events. Be it a natural or man-made event your organization should be prepared.

Executive Protection
Top managers, leaders, and family members are often identified as targets for various reasons by those seeking to harm your organization. CTG has internal and external resources who can assist you with your concern regarding the safety of those important to you.

Off-Site Events
Events held for the benefit of your organization may sometimes be held away from familiar surroundings. We can be available during pre-planning to address security concerns to minimize disruptions and be available to assist with security.

Procurement of Alternate Facilities
Due to a variety of possible circumstances, your institution may require a relocation to an alternative site for both planned and unplanned disruptions for varying durations. We have the expertise to assist in location of alternate facilities and to thoroughly assess security concerns at the temporary location.

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
CTG can assist your legal counsel in the review and assessment of documents and other evidence in preparation for current or potential litigation. CTG can assist with providing or locating expert witnesses to testify in support of the legal strategies developed with your legal counsel.

(All training can be performed electronically or in-person)

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