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It has almost become “normal” for many Americans to get together on
Monday mornings around the coffee maker and laugh about that silly
looking young man that runs North Korea, and his continued international threat to
launch his big boy “fireworks”. I remember a day when many Americans
also laughed at another group of young men who had failed miserably at
their attempt at gaining “fifteen minutes of fame”. Be honest, do you
remember any of these names? Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad
Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad, Ahmed Ajaj and Eyad Ismoil. They were the
team put together by Khaled Sheik Mohammad to bring down the World
Trade Center in 1993.

Although several people were killed, and that is tragic, the goal had been to take down both towers that fateful day in 1993. But Khaled Sheik Mohammad and Ramzi Yousef had failed miserably at taking down the towers and many people laughed at their incompetence to believe they could pull off such a horrific plot. But nobody laughed in 2001 when international threat in Khaled’s second plan was implemented on September 11th.

North Korea is sending a message very loud and clear, and the international community should take these missile launches very seriously, regardless of how many ” failed attempts” occur. They
only need one to be successful when it is launched at Japan, the U.S.
or any of our other allies within North Korea’s sights.

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