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North Korea launches missile that landed approximately 200 hundred miles off the coast of Japan. This is a provocation for war. If the President of the United States ordered the U.S. Military to launch a ballistic missile toward Russia, and it landed within 200 hundred miles of their coast, the U.S. media would be screaming at the White House and labeling him a “Madman”. But almost everyone in the world yawns when North Korea commits such an irresponsible act. Well almost everyone, but  not every country is “yawning” at North Korea. Japan and South Korea are growing impatient with the real “Madman” of the world, Kim Jong-Un, the thirty-five year old sycophant that is assuredly leading the world toward a conflict in the Pacific that will have devastating consequences for millions of people, as well as a crushing economic impact on the East and the West.