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A probable ISIS inspired vehicle borne terror attack was carried out in lower Manhattan this afternoon.  The driver of a white rental Home Depot truck plunged “in the wrong direction down a bicycle path near Stuyvesant High School along Manhattan’s West Street and Chambers Street.”  The driver struck bicyclists and pedestrians in an area near the site of the 9-11 Memorial.  As of now, eight people have died and up to 15 people have been injured.  Following the attack, the terrorist screamed “Alluah Akbar” which is a Jihadist war cry.  The terrorist was shot by police and was apprehended and taken to a hospital.

This represents the ninth successful ISIS inspired vehicular terrorist attack with previous attacks carried out in London, Berlin, Nice and Barcelona.  ISIS has stated on numerous occasions that they will attack us with everyday objects like vehicles and knives, and to date, they have been successful in carrying out these kinds of attacks.

The tactic of using vehicles threatens virtually every community as any vehicle can be used in a terrorist attack. ISIS has gained confidence with vehicle attacks and we expect ISIS terrorism to only increase in Europe and the United States as they strive to remain relevant after being defeated in Syria and Iraq.

The term “lone wolf” is often used in these kinds of  terrroist attacks and it was used by the Governor of New York today, but there is no such thing.  Terrorists are always connected to other terrorists, networks, cells or through social media.