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The immigration crisis impacting Europe has revealed a balance that has to be weighed between humanitarism and national security. While more western leaders seem intent on pushing tolerance of refugees and immigrants on their citizenry, the harsh reality is that many immigrants are intolerant of their new societies as they refuse to assimilate and accept the customs, cultures and laws of the countries they embark upon. Interviews with many refugees have yielded a desire to remain in their homeland in protected safe zones until it is safe to return to their communities rather than flee into other countries, and this option has been promoted by some in the U.S. and Europe.

This begs the question why there is such a move by some of our politicians to bring unprecedented numbers of refugees into Europe and the United States when one; the vast majority of the refugees want to remain in their homelands and two; it has been proven tragically often that terrorists are entering our countries through the refugee stream, just as they promised they would, and are carrying out attacks on innocent civilians with everyday objects as promised.

Because of what we now know to be true, the rush to expand the flow of refugees with broken or non-existing vetting systems should be enough for reasonable people to want to explore options that are humanitarian to citizens as well as refugees. A sovereign nation’s first and most important responsibility is national defense and protecting the rights or their citizens. Read more