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London Attack

In April of 1775, Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott set off on horseback to war  the American Patriots that British soldiers were bearing down on the town of Concord, Massachusetts. The intelligence gathering had started before that fateful night of the 18th of April, 1775, but dire warnings by these three men led to others in the colonies to spread the word that the British Army Regulars were coming. Paul Revere became a legend in American folklore as the man who warned the Patriots in what became known in art and literature as “The Midnight Ride”.

Today America’s intelligence gathering is looking across the Atlantic at Great Britain once again, but this time, the threat is neither British or conventional. The London attack today as well as recent attacks in western Europe have American Security, Counter Terrorism, and Homeland Security experts trying to figure out how and when a major U.S. city will be a victim of a copy cat or coordinated attack like the ones successfully perpetrated against our allies. As the reports come in about the London attack tonight, security officials are still investigating the devastating attack two weeks ago in Manchester when American singer Ariana Grande was set to perform. One of the June 3rd, 2017 attacks that occurred late in the evening in central London included a van that was used as a weapon in an attempt to run over pedestrians. This is the same tactic used by terrorists in Nice, France back in July of 2016, when a truck was used to kill 86 and injure several hundred more.

This latest attack should be a wake up call to every American, not just security experts. As summer begins, more and more Americans will be heading out to enjoy the warm weather and as crowds gather throughout the States at parks, restaurants, bars, athletic events, etc., will everyone realize how vulnerable they are? Are we prepared in advance for a London/Manchester style attack?

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