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In today’s environment, with an increased threat of terrorism wherever you are in the world, it’s important that you stay attuned and vigilant to behaviors, activities and circumstances that are going on around you.

Many times after a terrorist event occurs, people come forward indicating that they observed suspicious behavior in the hours, days, weeks or months before the attack.  Often times, if  their suspicions had been reported prior to the terrorism event, many lives could have been saved.  Also, by investigating an individual because of someone’s tip, much can be learned about their potential plot while it’s still in the planning phase, and critical information can be discovered about the person(s), their connections to organized terrorist organizations and networks, their safe houses and their suppliers. This could potentially bust up terror cells and thwart future attacks. Sixteen people have now been arrested in connection to Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber.  There never really is a “lone wolf” attack.  There is always a network. Disrupting these terror networks and those connected to them can begin with one individual reporting something suspicious.

There will usually be pre-operational surveillance by a terrorist or terrorists on a potential target area.  You might see someone who looks out of place taking unusual photographs, observing and looking at a facility, a building or people for a long period of time.  They might act a little nervous, or perhaps in your mind, something just doesn’t seem right.  Your instincts are often a wise indicator.

We often hear the phrase, “see something, say something”.  It sounds cliche but it is critically important to understand that we all have a role to play in fighting terrorism.  The article that follows is from 2015, but the information is very relevant and goes into great detail concerning the signs that you should look for to spot indicators of potential terrorism. Read more.

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