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For everyone who has served in the U.S. Military,  Operational Risk Management (ORM) is very common tool utilized by everyone for mission accomplishment. In the age of international terrorism, you might think ORM does not come into play in your personal life. Maybe you have never served in the military and think it is “just for people working in danger zones”. Nothing could be further from the truth. And you already perform ORM on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. Do you lock your doors at night, wear a seat belt while driving, installed virus protection on your computer?  I could ask you a thousand questions to prove the point, but the more important question is whether or not you are doing enough ORM in your daily lives.  It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness and costs associated with ORM when you do start the practice of your personal ORM.  

Are you in danger of being attacked by a terrorist where you are right now? Of course, the attacks we have seen over the years prove we are all vulnerable at any given time. You do not have to be deployed to a combat zone, or even be a member of the armed forces to realize the dangers we all face. But as already mentioned, there are many dangers to your well being, beyond possible terrorist attacks, such as being in a horrific car accident, having your personal identity stolen on the web, etc,.  Whether you live in a large urban setting, the suburbs, or way out in isolated farmlands, everyone is vulnerable to some sort of natural disaster, criminal activity, terrorist threat, or something as simple as a selfish, careless driver intent on texting while driving, endangering you and your family while also driving.  Are you depressed yet? That is not the intention of this information, but rather, a reminder that we all face increases in threats all around us in the 21st  century.  ORM for each of us must be considered and implemented, and every single person has a unique life experience that will dictate your personal ORM decisions.