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As tactics change, evidence mounts in the United States in the growth of home grown extremism. The Homeland Security Committee released a terror snapshot Monday, May 8, regarding the threat of terror within the United States. In the past 12 months, there have been 39 homegrown jihadist cases in 20 states related to plots to attack, overseas travel, financial support, lying to authorities,  and weapons charges. Since September 11, there have been 209 homegrown  jihadist cases in the United States, of which 132 involved ISIS related arrests.

April Home Grown Extremism Activity

During the month of April,  there were a total of 5 arrests for suspected jihadist activities.

Three Americans with suspected ties to ISIS were indicted in Ohio. Laith Waleed Alebbini was arrested by the FBI on April 26 at the Cincinnati International Airport as they attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Two Illinois residents were charged with conspiring and attempting to supply material support for ISIS. Joseph Jones, also known as Yusuf Abdulhaqq, and Edward Schimenti, also known as Abdul Wali, pledged allegiance to ISIS and used social media to spread the message of violent extremism on behalf of the terrorist group.

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