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Photo: freerepublic.com

If you are traveling to London and the U.K., you should read this and be aware of the changing landscape and gradual inclusion of aspects of Sharia Law into British law. In London, there are 423 new Mosques and 500 closed Churches. The article states: “Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips…suggested that the English law should ‘incorporate’ elements of sharia law.”

Sharia Law doesn’t  co-exist with any other law. You can’t incorporate “parts” of Sharia with English law or any other law. The British should consider the dangers and long term ramifications of giving them that foothold into their legal system. This is the trend we are seeing throughout Europe. The word “multiculturalism” and “assimilation” are offensive to Islamists. They don’t accept assimilating and being part of other cultures. There is only one religion and one culture from the Islamist standpoint and it is Islamic Fundamentalism.  Read Article...