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The United States and it’s NATO and Middle Eastern allies have adapted
to the tactics of its battlefield enemies throughout the recent
conflicts in the Middle East. U.S. and NATO forces have won decisive
battles and will continue to defeat AL-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban on
the battlefield. Like the Vietnam War a few decades ago, U.S. forces
adapted to the tactics used against them and won the major battles,
despite the eventual withdrawal from Southeast Asia . But today the
U.S. faces an enemy that does not surrender and does not seek to
simply defeat the U.S. on a conventional battlefield. ISIS and
AL-Qaeda will continue to engage soft targets and remain on the
offensive, regardless of battlefield defeats suffered at the hands of
superior military forces.  Even though there are competing and
conflicting interests within the leadership of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, the
fact that they are even talking about a possible merger should be very
worrisome to everyone in the West, as well as in the Middle East.
These terror networks will remain very dangerous for years to come,
regardless of their continuous battlefield defeats.


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