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German authorities are now seizing private property from German citizens in an effort to provide adequate housing to the swelling immigrant population.

Since 2015, the influx of refugees as a result of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border policy, saw one million immigrants enter Germany between 2015-2016.  Authorities began seizing vacant commercial properties but have expanded this to include private property.  In 2015, there were over 400 immigrants arriving in Hamburg each day, and according to the article, city officials said “…that because the owners of vacant real estate refused to make their property available to the city on a voluntary basis, the city should be given the right to take it by force”.

Chancellor Merkel is up for re-election in September.  She is already facing a backlash from her open borders policy that has resulted in attacks from immigrants on Germans and ongoing clashes with the migrant and refugee population.  The seizure of private property is certain to create division among Germans who oppose her immigration stance.

This is clearly a tenuous time for Germany and the rest of Europe as little to no assimilation is taking place among the migrant population into German and European society.  Also of concern is the declining birthrate among Europeans while the birthrate among the immigrant Muslim population continues to grow. Read more..

photo credit: dw/counterthreatgrp.com