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According to Wikipedia, citing the U.S. National Gang Intelligence Center, there are over 33,000 criminal gangs in the United States. Let me repeat that while it sinks in. 33,000 gangs in the United States of America, right now. I have a real problem with this, because it seems like a deadly epidemic that no one (outside of law enforcement circles and victims) is very concerned about eliminating the gang threat. One of these gangs, maybe the most famous and infamous right now, is MS-13. A mother of a 15-year-old girl who was butchered and murdered by members of the notorious gang, Evelyn Rodriguez, has met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and will meet with President Trump to talk about this plague.

Evelyn Rodriguez is a registered democrat and has a clear and concise message for Trump later today. She is convinced that the gangs work through the schools, and if we are to stop the threat these gangs pose, our society needs to invest more money in programs to keep at risk kids off the streets. Anyone with a heart would agree that no mother should have to go through what Evelyn Rodriguez has had to endure, but many would argue against her proposed solution.

America is very divided politically right now. I would argue we are on a very dangerous path that could destroy our Republic if we do not figure out how to come together on many issues and work out our differences. When it comes to our security as a nation, as a people, there has to be multiple step approach to the problem. I would agree with Miss Rodriguez that more programs are needed for at risk youth, particularly in poorer communities. But many in this country want  a crack down on criminals and criminal activity as well. So why can’t our leadership work together to accomplish both goals?

I grew up in a working class neighborhood, and we had a great church that worked fairly close with the kids to give them alternatives to the criminal life. And looking back, I think they were effective. As someone who has served in the greatest military the world has ever known, and having many, many friends in law enforcement, I know that the United States of America has the right men and women, and fortitude to step on the throats of gangs in this country and avoid more tragic funerals like the one for Kayla, the 15-year-old daughter of Evelyn Rodriguez.